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From renowned adventure filmmakers Safari Productions comes Andrew Englisch’s world first attempt to cross treacherous Bass Strait on his Wing Foil. A stunning, intimate and raw portrait of Andrew’s journey to raise himself out of the depths of depression and be the first person to cross one of the most dangerous stretches of water on the planet, despite only learning to wing foil 12 months earlier and before his 55th birthday.

Gone With The Wing is both an inspiring portrait of an ‘Old Bugger’ who pushed himself to the limits mentally and physically and an epic adventure in one of the world’s most rugged, wild and beautiful regions. The result is an inspiring triumph of the human spirit. The 16 minute film is Screening at Festivals around the world from 30 June and will be making its Australia debut at the Melbourne Documentary Film Festival on 23 July.

Watch the Journey trailer

Before the adventure began, Andrew discusses his challenges, goals and fears. At this stage he had not yet set off on the quest and was preparing to face the unknown. This short trailer showcases some of the training, foiling and beautiful action on and off the water

A World First Adventure

‘Gone With The Wing’ is an adventure to be the world’s first person to Wing Foil 240kms across Bass Strait from Tasmania to Mainland Australia. The journey will commence on 27 February, 2022 and will follow adventurer & foiler Andrew Englisch across one of the most treacherous stretches of ocean in the world, taking in the wild and diverse coastline and islands. The entire adventure will be filmed by renowned production company Safari who will be producing a documentary of the expedition along with incredible imagery and social media content.

A Treacherous Journey

Bass Strait is widely recognised as one of the most treacherous stretches of water on the planet and Andrew will potentially be battling huge swells, savage winds and raging currents. The route will commence at Cape Portland on the north coast of Tassie and finish at Wilsons Prom and has been chosen to take advantage of the prevailing Southerly winds and swells. It will take in the rugged and beautiful coastline of Flinders and Deal Island and will provide stunning opportunities to capture diverse imagery and footage along the way.

Flying like a bird

Wing Foiling is an extreme new sport which has evolved from windsurfing, kiting and surfing. Powered by an inflatable wing and catching the breeze while standing on the board with an attached hydrofoil It is currently one of the hottest and fastest growing new watersports in the world. Andrew likens it to “flying like a bird, above the ocean”

A Swell Cause

As part of the ‘Gone With The Wing’ expedition we will be supporting the inspiring work of Waves of Wellness (WOW) Foundation and aiming to raise $10,000

WOW is A mental health surf therapy charity, committed to changing lives by delivering for-purpose, innovative support programs. The aim is to raise $10,000 for this incredible cause which will help WOW bring their innovative surf treatment and support to people suffering mental health challenges.

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Check these incredible ‘friends of the foil’ that are supporting this amazing adventure.

A Safari Production

Adventure, lifestyle & tourism production company Safari will be creating
an epic documentary of this world first adventure